29 April 2006

just friends

i've always wondered if by any chance she happens to read the words that i write. it's quite possible the annoying "Ron has updated his Friendster Blog" emails sparked some curiosity. either way, it's all been done. whether she reads this or not, the fact of the matter is, all my thoughts, pro-heart or pro-mind, are already published for everyone to see.

for the past few weeks i've been forcing myself to believe that this is nothing. i keep telling myself that even if this is something, it'll all amount to nothing. she's in love for pete's sake! but sadly, so am i...

a case of wrong timing? or simply a case of falling for the wrong person for all the right reasons? i'll leave it all up to God. i feel like i've been shoved in the friend zone anyway. for a while there i thought i had a chance. a night of drunk love-talk with friends somehow convinced me that i'm not against a brick wall. a few exchanges of text quotes only made it worse, i'm starting to become what i hate.

but the latest sms recieved was a "friendship" quote. that'll keep my thoughts straight. forgive me if i can't stop thinking about you, i just can't help it. i'll do the best i can to be your friend and nothing more. so help me God.

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