02 April 2006

on hiatus

more or less two weeks of internship forced me to have another blog break. this time there'll be zero chance that i'll be able to stare at the monitor again and organize my thoughts. next on my list of "to buy" is a laptop for portable blogging and portable anything. i'll be trapped in the province of cavite, will spend 14 hours at the euro-med plant and the other 10 hours at a rented house full of women and only women.

you read it right. desperate for an internship quick fix and now my hands are tied. if only i didn't spend that much time in college, i would probably be enjoying a bum's life right now, and be proud of it! but things didn't turn out as planned. as with most things planned. and now, i only have less than 24 hours before i take step numero dos of my road to redemption.

one man, trapped in a woman's world, or house. a guy's dream you say? well... not really.

for it to be a dream stay, the ladies of the house should be more or less my kind of girl. if only i had the privilege of choosing my housemates. back to reality, i have no choice but to stay with them, whoever they are. and being the guy, there'll always be an unwritten law that heavy work will definitely be my job. not that i'm not the man for the job it's just that it's 7 against 1.

it'll be interesting to say the least. a butterfly will be there, an already happy butterfly that is. i can see myself with the thoughts "this is uncomfortable" lingering in my head. but it is what it is, though i'm not gonna try anything, it wouldn't work anyway 'cause i suck at this, i'm intruiged on how she's gonna handle it as well...

so unless i get my hands on a keyboard next week, my blogging days will be on pause. maybe i'll go vintage and write things with a pen and a pad. another misadventure lurks...

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