23 May 2006


cram (kram) v. cramming. Informal. To study hastily for an impending examination.

a very familiar concept, i've been cramming since i started taking exams. an exam announced weeks before, a study time of 1 night, an average result. i admire people who can study days or even weeks before an exam. studying's just not my thing.

roughly 6 weeks 'til the big one, i'm back to my old ways. months before, i was thinking that i'd start studying early, isolate myself as much as possible, and focus on the task at hand. yeah right, that could happen. i'm now short on time wondering if i could still make it.

and a "there's not enough time" speech by a lecturer did not help at all. shifting from jokes to a serious tone, he advised students reviewing as the last batch not to take the board exams this july because there isn't much time left to prepare. though i already made up my mind to take the upcoming exam, i'd be lying if i said the speech didn't bug me. but i already took the challenge and i 'm no quitter. there's not enough time? i say there's not enough time to think about backing out. i'm a master crammer and the present situation is just the perfect stage to prove that.

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