29 May 2006

miracles still happen...

a month away 'til judgment day, i'm starting to have recurring reality checks. after taking the challenge, doubts resurfaced. now i'm just praying to pass the board exam nothing more and nothing less. by now, a top placer should have at least finished his or her review and would only use the time remaining to tune up and polish the brain. as for me, i'm only halfway done, struggling to move forward. i'm even keeping my blog active instead of burning pages.

i went to my room and the review materials were just waiting to be utilized. i chose to caress the remote instead and focused on the tube. after watching the controversial monaco grand prix, i shifted my attention to PBB teen edition. mr. pure energy was a special guest at the house and entertained the big four. gary v., an all around performer and an inspiration himself; a diagnosed diabetic at 14, living the good life at 41. and as he shared his life story and imparted wisdom to the PBB teens, a simple thought rejuvenated my spirit: "miracles still happen..."

a month away 'til judgment day, i can only do so much. but with God's grace, "so much" might just be enough to catch people off-guard and make a name. then i myself will be an inspiration, God willing.

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