01 May 2006

peterpan to tinkerbell II

it's a bit hazy. i didn't think this day would come. i'm a bit confused though. what happened to your man? how did you tell him about us? well, i really don't care. you're with me now. so this is what it feels like to be with you. feels much like heaven. but what's this? morning sunshine? oh yeah, i knew this was too good to be true! can someone knock me out please, i need to get back to my dream...

another "i don't ever wanna wake up" dream that felt so real. so real that even in dreamland, i was afraid i'm not strong enough for you. in a world where everything can go my way, i was happy yet troubled. but we can work it out, i'll do my best to meet your needs, all you have to do is exist. i ask for nothing more.

too bad, you're tinkerbell and i'm peterpan. and the place between asleep and awake is the only place for this nonsense. it's the only place where i'll be waiting because for the record, i won't be waiting for you here.

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