12 May 2006

shifting gears

with still a week 'til my scheduled review class, i started to attend reviews as early as last week. i was afraid that may 15 was too late a start for a july 4 board exam. knowing myself, i know that any opportunity to stay home and soak in leisure, i would grab in a snap. and though i've attended a few lessons, i can't say i'm ready to study for the boards. but i'll get there.

i've been telling people that i'll top the boards, obviously a joke. i know no one would believe in someone who stretched a 5-year course to 7 years, to make it big. seven years of hanging-out, one hour study time for exams, and failed subjects, i don't blame them not believing in such. but as they say, we're in a level field now and anyone can be at the top. ladies and gentlemen, i accept the challenge.

while i'll be shifting to a higher gear when it comes to my pursuit of a license, i'm trying to pump the brakes and slow down my heart. i've been really enjoying textual conversations from ms. quiet but i know i shouldn't keep my hopes up. i think there's something there but it'll turn to nothing with a wrong step or a rushed decision. i know, i've been there. i'm gonna have to check my map first if i'm in the right direction...

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