20 June 2006

3 minutes 53 seconds

between pages of drugs, pharmaceutical care, pharmacognosy, and pharmacology, i took a quick break. lying in my bed trying to take a nap for a few minutes while the tv was on, i heard a familiar tune. in an instant i was brought to a couple of months back, back in cavite.

my board exam-suffocated dormant heart was again brought back to life. three minutes and fifty-three seconds of music was a slideshow of my experience in that uncomfortable room that she made into pure bliss. her smile, her voice singing the song, and the funny faces she makes when i make fun of her. everything about her, i miss.

i'll just smile this off. nothing's changed. i'm still tied to my priorities and even if i'm not, she's still tied to someone else. tomorrow you'll come...

music video moment over. back to my study desk...

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