24 June 2006

bring it on!

with barely 2 hours of sleep last night, i braved the pre-board exam this day. another case of body clock gone haywire, i was again struggling to find my sweet spot. knowing that a good sleep would be beneficial, i closed my eyes as early as 11pm. tossing and turning got me nowhere so i turned to conan for an hour of humor instead. but conan's not in, the cable's out. damn you skycable! next up in the list of time eaters was the information superhighway, i chatted the hours away 'til it was 4am. just great, you'll definitely be at the top if this continues. but as it turned out, the headache brought about by inadequate sleep would be the only source of displeasure for this day.

unfamiliar questions, 200 of them, gave me quite a scare. number after number i started to doubt if i was really ready. only a few numbers were taken from the pool of questions that i was so comfortable with, now i had to rely on what i've learned.

it took me less than an hour to finish the mock exam. i finished fast because i'm not one who will search deep in my cobweb-filled brain to find the answer that's probably not there anyway. if i know it i know it, and if i don't, i can always rely on my testmanship. the answer's right infront of me, i just had to choose wisely. and i did.

200 questions and i got me a score of 154, or 77%. not bad, considering the questions were virtually alien to me. confidence level: back to normal. July 2006 Pharmacy Licensure Examinations... BRING IT ON!

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