05 June 2006

in mark we trust

during a pre-season special of the PBA, Baranggay Ginebra's Mark Caguioa made a bold statement, and i mean bold. he said that the Baranggay Ginebra Kings will be the first back-to-back All-Filipino Champion in a decade or so, and if they fail to do so, he'll run through manila's baywalk with only his undies on. now that's confidence.

but as the season went on, the team was struglling and was down in the dumps. plagued by injuries, the team was on the brink of elimination. with less than 3 minutes to go in the 4th quarter and still 12 points behind, things aren't looking too good for "the spark". the commentators recalled his bold promise and started to worry if he'll do it or not. during that span of tackling the naked run, the cameras were circling the Araneta coliseum and found one banner which was very interesting. it said:

"In Mark We Trust"
manalo, matalo, makikitakbo kami sa'yo!

how about that, the Baranggay spirit was still there. "never say die" was still the anthem and guess who won the ballgame? Baranggay Ginebra 118 - Air21 114 in OT, with Mark "The spark" having a career-high 45 points. Next up is Red Bull, now let's see if the Baranggay's cheers will be enough for the team to feed on. The only thing missing is Sonny Jaworski's judo chop and it'll all be fiesta time again for the Baranggay. Gi-neb-ra, Gi-neb-ra, Gi-neb-ra!

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