12 June 2006

momentary lapse

4am and still wide awake. i just finished cleaning up our mess. sunday night was supposed to be a night of basketball but due to the downpour, the game was cancelled. and while waiting for the rain to stop, the guys decided to "lighten" up. a few rounds of san mig light later, here i am, assessing the situation...

for the first time in almost 2 months, i wasn't able to open my notes or study some sample questions. for this i apologize to the people to whom i dedicate this race. it was a momentary lapse.

but then again this maybe a good thing for a couple of reasons. first, it was my first day to break away from the board exam rush since starting my review. every single day for the past month or so, my world revolved around 8-hour lectures or on a free day, at least 600 study questions. and second, i may use this paranoia of missing a whole day for studying as a wake-up call. time to shift to 5th gear and get my prize!

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