25 June 2006

moving forward at a standstill

i remember hearing the alarm, cheryl lynn's got to be real. the funk woke me up but i just snoozed it off. i still have a couple of minutes to sleep. the alarm sounded again, but i still chose the snooze button. for the nth time, it sounded again. i took a peek at the time. 7:29am. what the?! the pre-boards was scheduled at 8am! think. think. think. i need a way out of this.

should i text my classmates and just ask them to grab me a copy of the exam? should i forget about it and just take the day off? maybe i should make a run for it and take the exam in less than an hour? like a multiple choice question, i chose letter C.

by 9:15 i arrived at the review center with a few of the students already finished with the 200-item exam. scheduled at 8am-10am, i only had less than an hour to finish it. constantly checking the clock, i was already at number 150 by 10am. with 50 more questions to go, i just used the 30 minute break to finish the exam. i finished it with a couple of minutes of break time to spare.

12:10, the scores were in. and thank God i passed.

the countdown has started: 10 days left. but we chose not to attend tomorrow's pre-board exam. most of us felt that studying at home will be a more productive way to spend the day rather than a slow day at the review center. productive you say? im still playing time, playing with words, blogging about anything or nothing at all. i got to get my act together now or else i'll be nothing at the end of this.

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