27 June 2006

multiple choice

another day ends, another number to cross out the calendar. the highlighted numbers 4 and 5 draws nearer and nearer. i'm nervously excited.

only a week left. one week left. i've read the pool of questions over and over but have not yet perfected it. previous board exams have made it clear, mastering the questions provided by the Philippine Association of Colleges of Pharmacy, more popularly known as PACOP, ensures you of a license. i'm at about 90% but still not satisfied with where i'm at.

comprehensive and mock exams gave me an idea of how prepared i am. my scores would define me as ready. but somehow, i wish that i'd fail the mock exams. having good scores gave me confidence, maybe a bit too much. i'm not bothered if i'm not yet ready for the boards, rather i'm terrified that i'm subconsciously complacent. i'd rather have my back against the wall and work my way to victory than have a sense of security and take it easy.

it'll all be over soon and only time will tell the answer to this question:

Ron will:
a. pass the exam and will have a place in the top 20
b. pass the exam but will not have a place in the top 20
c. not pass the exam
d. not take the exam and would rather be blogging

join me as i pray for letter A. letter B isn't bad either but please eliminate letter C right away!

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