18 June 2006

never say never

last week as i was flipping through the channels, i chanced upon a duo of mice singing "somewhere out there" on disney channel. and then nostalgia kicked in once again. it was a scene from the 1986 disney animated movie "an american tail." it reminded me that it was my favorite animated movie of all time. but the scene was just a music video commercial break. too bad because i was hoping to relive part my childhood by watching the movie.

just a while ago, i saw the scene again. and knowing that it was just a commercial break, i was again frustrated and somehow wondered where i can get a dvd, vcd, or whatever of the movie. turns out i didn't need to. after the song, i was surprised to see some more animated mice and not raven, zack, cody or anyone on the disney channel. i just finished watching the movie.

fievel finally found his family after being separated for a long time, even giving up on the search at one point. "never say never..." fievel said to his dad. never say never.

i'm losing sight of the top spot but not losing hope. i looked at myself and saw someone who is not yet ready for the boards but will be in a day or two. i'm doing well in the comprehensive exams but i'm still not satisfied. i'm confident that in the remaining two weeks i'll be able to polish up my skills and pass the board exam (with the help of the Almighty, of course), but only to pass the board exam and not to top it. i just wished that i had a lot more time to prepare. but there's no way to turn back the hands of time so the two weeks should do. it would be a miracle if i'm at a top spot when this is over. but hey, God is in the miracle business, isn't he?

by the way, i know what you're thinking. how would i make it big if i consume my time blogging instead of studying, right? gimme a break, literally. i just finished cramming 600 questions in my head and try 600 more after i log-out. so just help me by praying, a'ight?

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