09 June 2006

point of no return

this morning i was able to finish my application for july's pharmacy licensure examinations. im already beyond the point of no return. but am i ready to face the music?

last week was a 6-day non-stop 6am-8am pharmacology lecture marathon, i was able to attend 4 classes, and in 4 of those classes, i was a half-day late. am i not taking this seriously? of course i am, it's just that an hour of public transportation is too much of a drag. i'll come home too exhausted and would rather watch tv than study. and after a few hours of watching must-see tv, i'll find myself in pursuit of study time. it's already 12am and i should be up by 6am for another day of physical wear.

it's now the 4th quarter, crunchtime, the homestretch, where the men are separated from the boys. a time when weaknesses are exposed and poise under pressure is a necessity. something i should be used to by now 'coz i've crossed the finish-line before, this race should be no different. once again, i'll see you at the finish-line...

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