11 June 2006

sms anonymous

for the last couple of weeks i was hounded by anonymous texts. it's funny how a text bearing no known sender could be interesting but at the same time, a nuisance.

once in a while you'll recieve something like "ei, dis is my new number." and that's cool and all but when you receive something like "can u b my txtm8?" that's a different story. now i must admit that during the first few months of owning a sms-capable phone, a "can u b my txtm8" message won't be much of a bother. a message like that might even be of interest. but that's like 6-7 years ago, now it's just a waste of time and money.

during the last 2 weeks, i've received 2 "new number" texts, then a couple more texts from friends whom i thought were sucked into a black hole, and lastly a message from a txtm8 wannabe. now the first 2 messages were ok, part of the routine. the next 2, were nice, catching up with old friends. but the last one, it was surprising to say the least.

it started with the classic "hi, cn u b my txtm8?" then my initial response was "hus dis, wer did u get dis number?" then she told me her name, then asked me my name, but never told where she got my number. i only replied with "wer did u get my number?" she never answered the question. but during a span of a week, she would text some more. i tried to ignore her but the girl didn't know the meaning of the word quit. eventually she got tired of texting and started calling. non-stop ringing and i got tired of it and answered the call. the girl asked me again who i was, but all i said was "where did you get this number?" she did not answer the question. again.

so i hung up. she called again, and again, and again. so i turned off my phone. the next day i sent her a message that it'll will be my last reply. after a week of silence she sent another message: "PUTANGINA M"
nice. from a friend-seeker to a profanity texter. please do your parents a favor, don't waste their hard-earned money on nonsense texting. and by the way, goodluck in finding a textmate.

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