28 June 2006

tied up in knots

wide-awake at quarter to 6, i turn to the only thing that relaxes me other than a big bar of chocolate. i only realized recently that writing gives me a sense of peace, the answer to my sleepless nights. in a few minutes the sun will light up the sky, i can hear the birds chirping, i'm still restless.

i don't think it's because of my afternoon nap. neither do i think it's because of the cup of coffee i had last night. it's all in my head, most probably due to the impending conclusion of this board exam saga.

a few people have a feeling that i'll make it to the top. i don't blame them but i don't want to believe them. maybe they feel that way because of the confidence that i display, or even because of the high scores i get in mock exams. don't be fooled. i'm terrified even at the thought of being only the 2nd UP student to fail the pharmacy boards, i just don't show it. i've learned that showing fear won't be of much help. and my scores? i looked around and almost everybody had almost the same score if not higher. though i'm still holding on to my "miracles still happen" slogan.

the verdict comes next week. hopefully the end of number 2 in the list (number 1 was college graduation). everytime i cross something in the list, the next item seems more difficult. it's a jungle out there and i'm still a cub. perhaps i'm getting ahead of myself here.

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