28 July 2006


just before kaemi, locally known as glenda, totally lost its strength, i was able to squeeze in a few dvd hours. 1 movie stood out. prior to winning the oscars, conan considered crash as one of the best of the year. and what conan says, i believe.

talk about racial issues, this film says it all but it's not the theme that stands out. i was awed at how their lives are somewhat interconnected and at how complex people are. a seemingly bad guy turns out to have a heart of gold, a good guy kills a man, a man doing the right thing is actually doing what is wrong, it was crazy! and i love it!

brokeback mountain vs. crash, my heart is torn... NOT! i don't plan on seeing two cowboys get it on. i'd prefer watching freddie prinze jr. and his chick flicks if i'm looking for a love story.

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houseband00 said...

Hi Roni,

Just clicked on over from Pinoyblogs.

To one Crash (and Conan) fan to another, I agree with you ( and the academy, hehe) that the film really desreved the Best Picture honor. This study on the prejudices that plague all of us really was executed quite well.

But we all know that.

After watching it, watching Brokeback... was easier.

Great blog, btw.