03 July 2006


25 hours left before i get up from bed, and face the biggest test of my 23-year existence. i'm now at the starting grid, anxiously waiting for the bang of the gun and hoping for no false-starts and a podium finish. my fingers are crossed.

last night i started to send out petitions for prayers. almost everyone responded positively to my request, one even called me up to say her encouragements (thanks kim!). after the flurry of well-wishers, i called up an old friend to try to subdue my concerns and push my confidence level up a notch. the conversation was more of a casual talk rather than a plead for advices and encouraging words. it worked like a charm because after hanging up the phone, i had one of the soundest sleep i had in months (thanks gene!). and to all who prayed for me and are continuously praying for my board exam success, i thank you from the bottom of my heart.

*a July 2 2006 post would not be complete without mad props to pacman. thanks to manny pacquiao for winning the fight because a lost would have been a devastating blow to my own campaign. my utmost respect goes out to oscar larios for being a class act, a grateful sportsman even in enemy territory. i also commend the filipino fans for not booing the mexican, supporting their hero with cheers but not disrespecting the adversary. (earl strickland should learn from this, respect will gain you respect.)

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