10 July 2006

solitude check

in the midst of the celebrations, i felt a sudden emptiness, like my heart stopped its beating to catch my attention. maybe it's the sad songs randomly playing on my desktop or maybe its just the fact that my heart has been screaming for something to quench its thirst. i'm now free from the clutches of the licensure exams. i'm now free to mend a lonely heart...

for the second day in a row, my mornings are upbeat, still celebrating my first days as a professional, but the nights tell a different story. i guess being in a cave where the walls are all numbers and generic names took its toll on me. a snowball full of thoughts of finding the one has started rolling...

let me check my "love for dummies: hopeless romantic edition" book. hmmm... oh yeah, the classic "don't look for love, let love look for you" cliche. yeah right, that'll work. i think the author of the book, if there is such a book, was probably looking at me as his guinea pig. another quote goes: "If you want to catch a butterfly don't run after it. instead sit down and open your hand. it will just land on your palm when it needs to rest. That's the way to find love." i've been sitting down for quite sometime now, still no butterflies. i think my butterfly prefers someone running after her and cathing her with a net. lucky me.

the solitude drama has begun. i can't wait for my quarter life crisis.

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