12 July 2006


everytime i think of the good news, i can't help but look up to the heavens and offer a prayer of thanks. 4 days after receiving my "RPh" name-extension, i still have some circulating adrenalin in my body. but the decline of it is anything but slow. i'm settling back to my old routine, still looking for the fast-forward button.

i may have planned to go back to this but back then i thought it would be fun. it's the Same Old Sh*t, waking up past noon, looking for anything to eat, surf the net, watch cable tv, stay up late... the life of a bum. it was fun and all but now it's just dragging. i think this chapter of my life should have a dot and the only way to do it is to put a gun on its head and pull the trigger myself.

so what's next? being a grown-up. as much as i hate to be one, i have to be one. though i still have a couple of pending victory parties, i'll take this time to jumpstart the turning of a new leaf. the distress signal has been sent. SOS. i need a job. somebody throw me a lifejacket.

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