05 July 2006

the underdog

and then came july 4. months of studying and limited partying, everything boils down to this. the mind was set, the prayers were already offered, nothing left to do but finish.

i've been writing about how i want to be at a top spot at the end of this. last night while i was trying to sleep, i asked myself: why do i want to be at a top spot? for vindication? for bragging rights? i guess i really want this because of it's improbability.everyone wants a cinderella story. we all cheer for the underdog.

i think i fell asleep last night. i wasn't sure. i went to bed as early as 9pm but the combination of poor sleeping habits and an uneasy mind was not a good recipe for sleep. i think i was asleep 12-12:30am. by 3am i gave up on sleeping and got-up to start the day.

6:30am at MLQU, the ball started rolling. pharmaceutical chemistry at 8am was average, almost 70% of the questions were familiar. phamacognosy at 11am was a bit easier with more than 80% of the questions routine. but the practice of pharmacy at 1:30pm was a struggle. the lack of sleep was taking its toll on me and the questions only made it worse. almost all of the questions were the "what the f??!" type. by this time i knew the top spot had already slipped away from my hands...

it would definitely be a miracle, no make that a HUGE miracle if my name will have a number right next to it when the results are published. but you'll never know. God might be rooting for the underdog. never underestimate the power of a prayer.

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