26 July 2006

weathering the storm

there used to be a time when a "no classes" bulletin makes my day. it's been raining non-stop since last week and classes have been suspended for a couple of days. it all means nothing to me now. just another day for the unemployed to miss the sun.

with nothing to do at home, i sleep until the sound of the storm wakes me up. a throbbing headache was my reward for sleeping all day. i'll take it rather than feeling worthless thinking about what's next and what's missing.

next up: the big J. less than a week 'til the oathtaking ceremonies, i'm running out of time. and it's not like there's nothing out there. i've been offered job opportunities but i just don't feel like it's the right job for me. maybe not yet. as much as i (and mostly my mom) want to have a job ASAP, i'm taking my time waiting for the right job to show its face.
i should fight the pressure and do what i think is right.

missing: a love to share. a few days ago a friend asked me how to get over a person. a few hours later another friend asked me the same question. being covered in rain was apparently inevitable in july. i was suddenly joe d' mango, or better yet ron d' mango, RPh! i shared my expertise in standing up from a fall and moving on. and there's nothing to it really, all we need is time. and keeping yourself busy with work is a good way of passing time.

i'll take my own advice, keep myself busy with work. yeah, i definitely need a job.

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Anonymous said...

when classes are suspended i rejoice with the undergrads. hangover i suppose.

job. T_T