12 August 2006

from pharma to graphic design?

i'm still on the hunt for the big J, waiting for a ring from a number of potential employers. and even if they call, i don't think it's the job i want. ok, i understand that i have to start from the bottom up, that i need to gain experience first before i can demand the job i want, but can u blame me for looking for a shortcut? i mean, i've heard it's possible, so why can't it happen to me?

i'm feeling the pressure, so much that i psyched myself up to average to below-average jobs. after all, they say it's not the hiring season, the opportunities are scarce, and time is of the essence...

a ray of light. i received a text message from a schoolmate that offers a job for 3 months at wyeth. cool. but here's the catch, i'll be hired not as a registered pharmacist but as a graphic designer. say what? graphic designer... graphic designer... nope, i remember well that i graduated BS Industrial Pharmacy. did i drink too much again? wait, let me ask my imaginary friends...

i guess i was known in the college as a techie guy, doing great things bound only by the capabilities of my desktop. did that impress people? it was just a hobby, perfection was not a requirement. my skills, on a scale of 1 to 10 is at 6 and that's a generous assumption. i never thought the products of my fun-time can give such a thing as big as a... (excuse the pun) as big as a J.

and the pressure keeps on mounting. i got a message this morning regarding the job. the graphic designer will create artworks using adobe photoshop or corel draw, programs i'm familiar with but not good at. to top it all off, the artworks will be on the carton boxes and tin cans of wyeth products. so you're telling me that if i get the job, my work will be displayed on cans of infant formulas all over the philippines? thats huge! no, check that, that's HUGE!

last i heard, the candidates are down to two, me and some other dude. i hope i get i, God willing!

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