08 August 2006


a few raindrops and some mellow music, the nostalgia is once again in session...

i think it was march when gp asked me to go to tiendesitas to watch the band tribe of levi. or was it the band he watched? wink. moving on... a couple of our friends didn't make it due to prior commitments, and so after the band played their last song, it became a roni-gp drink, talk and reminisce affair. out of nowhere i asked him what year in his life was his glory year. a year, if given the chance to go back in time, you'd go back to in a snap. i was thinking third year highschool was my year. he was thinking third year high too.

april in cavite, i asked a similar question to my housemates. and like a scripted afternoon tv show they one by one responded with "third year highschool!"

third year highschool, a time when our name patches had the "III" indicating 3 years in Notre Dame. i remember back in first year, a classmate told me that the best year in highschool was the third. he could never be more right.

so what was so special about 3rd year high? here's my list (the ones i can recall right now):

  1. i won the award for mathematician of the year. i think the final score was 3 to 5, out of a possible 15. pretty low score for a so-called "mathematician." good thing i was up against a dumber opponent.
  2. i sang in front of the whole highschool batch and our band got a 3rd place finish.
  3. junior prom. need i say more?
  4. the first time i fell in love
  5. i was introduced to alcohol and all its perks
  6. breaking out on the dancefloor at HRC or anywhere there's a dancefloor
  7. recalling everything that happened that year was like watching my own version of "can't hardly wait" or any other highschool movie...

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