15 August 2006

my bad

i was looking for some credit and maybe it was premature of me to say bad things about the school administration. yesterday was the college reception for the passers of the july 2006 pharmacy licensure examinations.

i got a call last week inviting me to the college reception. needless to say, i was surprised. then a few days later i got text messages from friends. they had a sighting of a banner in the college. really? was the administration reading my blog?

i went in the room, saw some guests, and saw some food. one handed me a piece of paper and in it i saw only 4 names including mine. out of 22 passers only 5 came on time. they didn't wait for the others so the more or less 30-minute program started with only 5 honorees. the dean gave a speech, so did a topnotcher. all in all it was well... i dunno...

i heard somewhere that the answer to life's disappointments is lowered expectations. i came with just that. if not for my lowered expectations, that reception would've sucked bigtime. the only thing great about that day was the fact that i was able to catch up with old friends.

in the spirit of giving credit where credit is due, i'll still give credit to the school admin. though i can read the disappointment on their faces for having only 4 UP students in the top 20, not to mention UST got no.1, they still observed tradition. and that's all i ever wanted.

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