02 August 2006


with so many things going on, to blog is indispensable. the first of august has only 20 minutes left. my legs are sore, my body is exhausted, my eyes sleepy but my spirit is wide-awake.

i've given myself this day as my deadline for living the bum life. right after i was made aware that i aced the licensure exams, i looked forward to the oathtaking ceremonies as a second graduation. the following day will be the start of a new chapter in my life. this day will be my last day to live without worries and i only have 15 minutes left.

unlike my college graduation, i took a different approach to the oathtaking ceremonies. i must admit that i really looked forward to this day, the day i'll be officially Ron Gilbert G. Go, RPh but i knew i'll only be disappointed if i expect too much out of this experience. my college graduation was not even half of what i expected it to be, mainly because i thought it'd be the best day of my life. it was definitely not. but with lowered expectations and warnings of pancit worth the P800 peso ticket, i would say this was better than my previous graduation.

it was a short program lasting for less than 3 hours. a board member started his closing remarks while we were still finishing our food. we got out of fiesta pavilion and were in line to get our certificates, id cards, and some manila hotel souvenirs. i never really felt the oathtaking ceremonies but i feel great about it. my prc id and almost 30 minutes of posing for pictures was well worth the wait.

after manila hotel, my next stop was chino roces ave. to pick up a friend at roche and then meet with a couple more at the shang. i thought the day wouldn't be complete without college friends, my real friends (stop crying gp, you guys are my real friends too! f4!). stuck in traffic, i thought i wouldn't make it. taft was a real pain in the ass and it started to get dark. personal detours leading to mixed up directions coupled with a disconnected phone line, the odds are against me. but God wasn't. a couple of phone calls cleared things out in the nick of time, just before i was about to get lost in makati. whew, what a relief.

the shangri-la was again the place to catch up with friends. after some conversation and laughter over less than mediocre food, we were set to be dessert critics again. after deciding on where our "spoons" or "yums" would be of worth, closing time would have its way and postponed our taste-test to another time. we settled for some coffee instead. things would've been better if we were complete but the 4 of us was fun nonetheless. all in all, the night, though short, was sweet.

at 10pm, the mrt closes its doors. with one of us utilizing the train service, the night had to be cut short. the other two, i gave a ride home. from the shang to fairview, one got off at commonwealth. and then there was only one left. from fairview to munoz, irony was defined. who would have thought i'll be talking to the first strike about love and the craziness it bestows upon us? my butterfly was mentioned, so was her present, my past, her past, even our past if there was one.

i'm officially a registered pharmacist and it's officially a new day. a new season for misadventures...

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Congratulations! :-)