12 August 2006

the sub

i never thought i'd feel this way again. all this time i thought i'll never have a taste of it again. tonight i'll be sleeping with a smile.

i looked forward to a promise to be fulfilled. after a long day, even a single bite would be great. my mom and dad left, then i was alone, eagerly waiting for their return. i looked at the clock but looking at it seemed to slow the hands of time. the anticipation was killing me but i had to wait some more.

my parents then came and with them was my joy. subway sandwiches! there were two, each cut in three's. my mom, my dad, and my sister all had a piece. i had a whole subway sandwich all for myself. the foot-long bread jam-packed with all sorts of veggies and bacon strips was well worth the long wait. a couple of oatmeal cookies more and i'll be in heaven.

damn i love subway!

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