21 August 2006

way beyond

the short rain has provided a cold breeze, my body is tired from working out, and i drank a glass of milk. sleep should've been automatic. after more or less an hour of tossing and turning, i decided to get up and write the night away. what seemed to be a conducive environment for sleep, was a conducive environment for contemplation.

last month, i suddenly found myself able to return to philippine standard time and sleep like normal people do. but for the last 2 weeks i'm back in search of the sandman. maybe it's the startling information i found out a couple of weeks back or maybe it's the thought of waking up to a dull day the next day with nothing to look forward to. either way, it ain't fun. i just wish i have michael newman's remote in my hand right now and click on fast-forward.

yes, i've watched adam sandler's new movie and it was a great movie. plus kate beckinsale was so hot in her jammies! who wouldn't wanna wake-up next to her? if i could only find a clone that likes chinito guys who loves to write... forever and ever babe...

it was an awesome movie delivering the haha's and a moral lesson but i got a problem with the "remote" concept though. see michael can fast-forward to a time that he wishes, with his body on auto-pilot during the time warp. but on the other hand, when he wants to go back in time, he goes back as a third person viewing his life. but i guess the writer's concept fits in perfectly to deliver the moral of the movie. my idea of the universal remote that controls my universe would have a rewind button where i could correct the past.

but the movie butterfly effect thought us that changing the past is not necessarily the answer to the problems of today. so i take it back, i don't need michael newman's remote. i might as well follow on his footsteps and throw my universal remote, or even the concept of it, in the trashcan.

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