02 September 2006


before anything else... Heart Evangelista fell down twice on the runway! you read it here first! details later...

an appointment in the morning seemed impossible since for the past weeks, i get up at around 12 noon from a 3 or 4 am sleep. surprisingly, i fell asleep early last night and woke up 5 am. then we were off to san fernando pampanga. after waiting for no one, we then went to hagonoy, bulacan. after delivering a few medical supplies to their hospital, next stop was malolos, bulacan. there i paid for a PTR, professional tax whatever, costing me 330 pesos for i don't know what. after lunch, i was ready to go home and sleep.

with some things to do in qc, they dropped me off at sm north edsa. i took the bus home and with the summer heat boasting on the rainy season, the "no curtain" effect of the bus was terrible. then a simple invitation would change the day drastically; two patron tickets for the penshoppe rockfest.

all i needed was company. and after texting a few sad messages, hoping for brighter days to come, karina was on top of the list. i was already creating a list of other possible concert-mates when she obliged. needless to say, i was surprised. but then again, maybe this is the break she badly needed. after taking a second shower for the day, i was off to gateway.

an hour later, we met at the mall, met my friend for the free patron seat tickets, had dinner and then went in the araneta coliseum at 6:30pm. an hour of stories later, the stage was still empty. a concert scheduled 6pm, started at around 8. another proud moment for filipino time! the lights were off, then on again, and the models started showing their stuff, courtesy of penshoppe of course, on the runway. then out of nowhere, kamikazee jumped out jamming with their latest single. after two songs, out came parokya ni edgar, and then more bands: up dharma down, mayonnaise, juana, 6 cycle mind, imago, pupil, hale, sugarfree, sandwich, pedicab, spongecola, itchyworms, kala, and more, each playing 2-3 songs per set.

last but not least was bamboo. the lights went off, right after bamboo played a couple of songs and said goodnight. the show was supposed to be over, but we know there's something more. in the dark, they started playing the intro riffs of hallelujah and at the same time all the models were stepping on the stage. it was the grand finale. with regular models wearing jeans and white shirts, the more popular endorsers wore different outfits and sporting angel's wings. and just as heart was about to step to the main stage from a higher second stage, she slipped and fell. she picked herself up quickly trying to make-up but she slipped again. finally she got up and walked the runway with jericho rosales. to her credit, she looked like she twisted an ankle or something but still managed to walk with flair. i still love her.

echo on the other hand can only look for he was on the other side of the stage. still, he should've done something. the moment called for it. if i were him, i would've rushed to her aid and instead of walking with her on the runway, i'll carry her. how cool would that be?! i can just imagine it, wearing only low rise jeans, showing off my washboard abs, sporting a breathtaking pair of wings, and carrying my princess... stupid jericho, do something man! your girl slipped! you think a simple kiss on the cheek for the cameras is enough? and i thought you worked in showbusiness...


Renz said...

Haha! Ok, I'll keep in mind that I read it here first. YOU ought to be in showbusiness! =D

Hanna said...

came across this blog while looking for that Araneta fiasco. :-)

loved your idea ha! literally sweeping her off her feet.

keep blogging