11 September 2006


i can't remember the last time a sunday night offered this much tv action. batista was featured on gma's mel & joey and on abs-cbn's rated k. then later on, he would be on smackdown trying to recapture his gold against king booker. at the same hour was formula one; schumi was battling with alonso for the championship and with kimi for the italian grand prix race lead. the invention of the remote control was a real lifesaver, but still i was wishing i had 2 tv sets on my room.

after watching the animal on a short visit to eat bulaga yesterday, i needed to see more of the former world heavyweight champion. tito sotto had the mic and the pleasure to interview batista but the whole thing was an ugly sight for me. tito was blurting out facts about batista that for a wrestling follower like me was just plain ignorance on the part of the former senator. the questions were just stupid.

tito: so you do original moves like the batista bomb? how do you come up with that?
batista: (baffled) well actually it's not my original move (the batista bomb is an adaptation of the wrestling move power bomb). shane mcmahon was the one who suggested that i use it.
tito: oh, yes, yes. mr. mcmahon! yes. you also originated the running power slam?
batista: (again confused) yeah i do it, but i didn't come up with it.
tito: how about the spine buster?
batista: (wanted to clarify but was seemingly tired of the ignorant questions) yes, yes.
(and what good is an interview with a foreign personality without the following questions...)
tito: so do you like filipino food?
batista: yeah, i love filipino food, adobo, pansit, lumpia, i love it.
tito: how about tagalog words? do you know any tagalog words?
batista: well not a lot, i just know "mahal kita?" is that how you say it?

well, compared to that eat bulaga visit, the joey de leon and korina sanchez interviews were much much better. instead of focusing on the animal's in-ring personality, they tackled much more of his personal life, how he grew up and how he is as a father to his two kids.

switching back and forth from channel 2 to channel 7, i was missing part of the pre-show of the italian grand prix at monza. just in time for the race start, kimi was in the lead on the first few laps but relinquished the lead to michael schumacher after the pit stops. alonso on the other hand started 10th on the grid but managed to gain 3rd place. but with 10 laps to go, his engine blew out, to the delight of the pro-ferrari crowd. schumi finished first for the 90th time, and gained 10 points against alonso's nil. only 2 points separate schumi and alonso on the driver's championship. then an emotional schumi called it quits, announcing that this season would be his last on the formula one circuit. godspeed michael. kick fernando alonso's ass and win that championship!

now switching from espn-starsports to jack tv, batista's championship match with king booker was the main event at smackdown. with a little help from the king's court, king booker pinned the animal and leaving him a bloody mess at the hands of finley. still no gold for batista. but hey, wouldn't it be better if he won the world heavyweight championship here in the philippines when smackdown comes this october?

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