30 October 2006

judging oblivious abandon

if not for the advantages of the previous page, i wouldn't be thinking about you. if not for the flash and the words therein, i could've ignored my memory of you. it seems you were meant to linger in my head for the rest of the night...

i already forgot about you. i just added "busy" in my vocabulary. i already gave up on you not because i wanted to but because i felt i had to. your words make a few years seem like decades. your subtle way of holding back or worse, a polite rejection. either way, i'm no rock.

but tonight i'm thinking i want to find out more about you and get to know you better. let your guard down for a moment. break the wall down and let me in for a while. you can make this go away in the morning or make this last for longer.

here comes the cold...

19 October 2006


Good Day!

Dr. Ronny Chiu, Pharmacy Supervisor of the California Bay North District of The Walgreen Company, in cooperation with Rx Review Center, will be conducting a presentation about the history and benefit overview of Walgreens. Walgreens is the No.1 retail Pharmacy in the United States. The presentation will be held on November 21, 9:00 am at the Rx Review center located at 1919 F. Agoncillo St., Malate, Manila. Limited seats only. If interested, please reply with your contact details to this email address or call/text 09209254119.

Dr. Chiu will also interview qualified applicants for possible employment as pharmacy intern on November 22 and 23. Limited slots only. So if you already possess an FPGEC certificate, passed the FPGEE, or about to take the FPGEE this December, please contact me so I can schedule you an interview with Dr. Chiu.

Thank you for your time and we hope to hear from
you at the soonest time possible.

Yours Truly,

Ron Gilbert Go, RPh
Project Coordinator
Rx Review Center

18 October 2006

car crash

i was about to put my foot down, drill it to the floor even. i was about to show everyone that i'm a pushover no more. the lanes are open, pedal to the floor. flying on the highway and then all of a sudden i hit a brick wall in the middle of the road.

this morning, as i was about to go to work, i called our dog tiny but he was busy sleeping. it was a bit strange for he was an energizer bunny. but i was late and didn't bother him. the 8 hours of work did its toll on my body and the traffic jam in the city of potholes only made it worse. but the worst was still to come. i came home and my cousin asked me "did u cry?"

i was perplexed. why would i cry? then they realized i haven't heard the news. tiny passed away and joined his friend spark in dog heaven.

only two nights ago, he was like on a sugar rush. moving around in circles doing anything to catch my attention. he will only stop once i played with him. i think he was a lonely dog. that makes us two. he grew up with spark always by his side but these past few days he had no one during daytime for everyone had their own thing going. i keep on thinking, i could've done something. if only i took a couple of seconds to check on him this morning, i could've saved him from what will eventually end his life. another lesson to be learned.

i'm putting my reinvention on hold. for no matter how much we hate the world or just the people around us, we'll surely miss them once they're gone. and anyone can go in a snap. how many times will we have to be reminded to say "i love you" to the ones we love or even make them feel appreciated?

say hi to spark for me tiny...

09 October 2006


after almost a year of growing my hair long, i've decided to cut it short again. i figured if i'm going to be a professional, i have to look like a professional. cutting my hair short was just the tip of the iceberg as far as changes from last year are concerned.

this time last year, i was still in college, trying to make ends meet just to get where i am right now. how i wish i could do the opposite. no longer am i staying up late studying for an exam. i now stay up late because i can't sleep, hounded by questions that only time can answer.

this time last year, working abroad or even the thought of it was impossible for me to comprehend. yes, the money is there but it's for a price. you'll be sacrificing being with family and friends. you'll be sacrificing the life, no matter how difficult, you're comfortable with. some might argue that you sacrifice for the future of your family. have they thought of the sacrifice that the whole family will have to endure when a loved one goes away? i've always believed that you don't have to break-up the family to keep it alive. though i still believe so, i've opened my doors. i'm now seriously considering working outside of the country not mainly to make money and have a secured future, but more so to have a fresh start...

this time last year, i was the all around nice guy, even if i know that nice guys finish last. the past year i've learned that being nice will get you nowhere and i've decided to tone it down a bit. in this world, only a handful see and appreciate the good in people, and only to them will i be good, they deserve it.

it's always a balancing act, where God merits your good deeds and the people around you take advantage of it. i now understand. for years i've upset the balance doing all the good that i can. it's now time to get dirty with people who get dirty but still be nice to people who are nice. only God can judge me.

04 October 2006

long sleeves and cab talk

i was ready for my job interview but i was running late on schedule. it's a good thing that the heavens were smiling at me, the series of fortunate events kept me on track. first was catching an fx taxi in valenzuela, a rare occurrence since last year. then at monumento station, crowds were spilling from the platform on to the sidewalks. it's a good thing the fx route was up to 5th ave. there were long lines as well but there was an express lane for those who already have tickets. good thing i still have my stored-value ticket from last month. still running a bit late, i decided to take a taxi cab on buendia. the roads were full of taxi cabs but were all taken. but after a long long walk from taft avenue, i found one. i came in 10 minutes early.