18 October 2006

car crash

i was about to put my foot down, drill it to the floor even. i was about to show everyone that i'm a pushover no more. the lanes are open, pedal to the floor. flying on the highway and then all of a sudden i hit a brick wall in the middle of the road.

this morning, as i was about to go to work, i called our dog tiny but he was busy sleeping. it was a bit strange for he was an energizer bunny. but i was late and didn't bother him. the 8 hours of work did its toll on my body and the traffic jam in the city of potholes only made it worse. but the worst was still to come. i came home and my cousin asked me "did u cry?"

i was perplexed. why would i cry? then they realized i haven't heard the news. tiny passed away and joined his friend spark in dog heaven.

only two nights ago, he was like on a sugar rush. moving around in circles doing anything to catch my attention. he will only stop once i played with him. i think he was a lonely dog. that makes us two. he grew up with spark always by his side but these past few days he had no one during daytime for everyone had their own thing going. i keep on thinking, i could've done something. if only i took a couple of seconds to check on him this morning, i could've saved him from what will eventually end his life. another lesson to be learned.

i'm putting my reinvention on hold. for no matter how much we hate the world or just the people around us, we'll surely miss them once they're gone. and anyone can go in a snap. how many times will we have to be reminded to say "i love you" to the ones we love or even make them feel appreciated?

say hi to spark for me tiny...

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