09 October 2006


after almost a year of growing my hair long, i've decided to cut it short again. i figured if i'm going to be a professional, i have to look like a professional. cutting my hair short was just the tip of the iceberg as far as changes from last year are concerned.

this time last year, i was still in college, trying to make ends meet just to get where i am right now. how i wish i could do the opposite. no longer am i staying up late studying for an exam. i now stay up late because i can't sleep, hounded by questions that only time can answer.

this time last year, working abroad or even the thought of it was impossible for me to comprehend. yes, the money is there but it's for a price. you'll be sacrificing being with family and friends. you'll be sacrificing the life, no matter how difficult, you're comfortable with. some might argue that you sacrifice for the future of your family. have they thought of the sacrifice that the whole family will have to endure when a loved one goes away? i've always believed that you don't have to break-up the family to keep it alive. though i still believe so, i've opened my doors. i'm now seriously considering working outside of the country not mainly to make money and have a secured future, but more so to have a fresh start...

this time last year, i was the all around nice guy, even if i know that nice guys finish last. the past year i've learned that being nice will get you nowhere and i've decided to tone it down a bit. in this world, only a handful see and appreciate the good in people, and only to them will i be good, they deserve it.

it's always a balancing act, where God merits your good deeds and the people around you take advantage of it. i now understand. for years i've upset the balance doing all the good that i can. it's now time to get dirty with people who get dirty but still be nice to people who are nice. only God can judge me.

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