19 November 2006


enough with the t-shirts, enough with the saggy jeans. enough with the polo shirts and the sneakers. if i'm going to be a professional, i have to look like a professional. i think it's about that time to start filling my closet with long-sleeved shirts and slacks...

i never really owned any formal wear until 3rd year highschool. and i only bought it for junior prom. i never had problems though. if ever i needed a long-sleeved shirt for a presentation or any formal occasions, all i had to do was walk next-door and pick from my uncle's closet. mix and match the shirts with the comic ties and i'm all set.

making money out of practically nothing might not be something to be proud of, i'll use the not-so-hard-earned money to good use: investment in formal wear. my borrowing days will be over soon. a quick trip to SM north edsa is the key.

a scorching hot december afternoon sun and the large crowd at the mall can't stop me now. it's a saturday and my intuitions are proven right, only a fraction of the crowd was actually at the mall to buy things. people were all over the mall except in the stores, i was the only one in the men's section of the department store.

at every turn i saw something i like. both my eyes were busy; one was looking at the clothes, the other one looking at my wallet. two long-sleeved shirts later, my peso-gauge was nearing empty. i guess i'll just have to call it a day and come back for other stuff after a wallet-refill. but my wallet had an ace up its sleeve. a credit card.

for years, my mom has been giving me an extension of her credit card. i never really used it because i never really needed it. today will be the first time to swipe my card. picked a couple of neckties and i'm starting to get the hang of it. if i don't pump the brakes now, i might get addicted to using it. i started to send text messages to my parents with the subject: "i'll pay for it, i swear."

i need someone to hide my credit card and fast!

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nightfox said...

ako na lang magtatago ng credit card mo. hehe