26 December 2006


the day i've waited for a year has passed me like a speeding ferrari. i only got a look at christmas for what seemed like a second and now all i can do is look back at it as it fades away.

i've been training for more than a week. enough that it already has taken its toll on me. wake up calls at 6 in the morning, rush hour traffic, a beaten body and nothing to look forward to the next day. i've made myself a robot just to try and keep up with the working world but in the process, i've lost touch with my world.

i keep on asking myself "is christmas really over?" my computer says the 26th so i guess it is over. the new routine haywired my mind that somehow i feel i'm beginning to disconnect with reality. and i'm sorry for all the birthday greetings i forgot to send out for i am losing grip with time.

christmas came and christmas left. christmas is for children. how painful the truth is. gone were the days when all i worry about are the presents i wasn't able to give or the things i would do during the holidays. i don't have to worry no more about what i'll do during the holidays. come the 27th, i'm back to my black shoes, long-sleeves, and tie. there's no such thing as a grown-up christmas, it's nothing but a couple of days off work.

19 December 2006

dealing with charlie

after a month-long stint as a project coordinator for Rx Review Center, i found myself with a handful of job offers. difficult decisions led to procrastination. then suddenly i'm on the edge, faced with what could be the one of the most important decisions of my life. i turned down a tempting job offer from Rx Review Center, called-off my pursuit of a previous offer from Novartis, and accepted an offer from L. Meyerf Pharma, a company i had no idea existed.

things happened so fast that i'm still digesting the events. half a year of online applications made an impression that it would take months before you can be scheduled for an interview, and months more before they call again. oftentimes you'll wait for a call that will never actually come. this time was a surprise. 3 days after the click of the mouse, i was called in for an interview.

it was a friday. sporting a long-sleeved black shirt and a baby blue tie, i went to L. Meyerf's office in Makati and looked for a certain Mr. Marquez. after a few minutes of waiting, Mr. Charlie Marquez introduced himself, shook my hand, and the interview commenced.

05 December 2006

close call

a december sunday shopping at divisoria was a bad idea. with my dad spreading some early christmas cash, we were off but even an early wake up call couldn't avoid the christmas crowd. i wasn't able to buy anything, not even a single string. so i decided to come back the next day, a monday, and i expect wide-open aisles.

i woke up late and went to SM north edsa for a quick stop to look for leather shoes. never saw a pair i liked. so off to divisoria then. i took a bus to monumento and then a jeepney. i was seated in front and never knew a simple choice between front and back could've been a choice between life and death...