20 January 2007


work was extended and it gave me a couple more hours to think. a few text messages sent and a few minutes of travel, suddenly i'm in my seat. the "sayaw manila 3" was about to start. maybe i just wanted to see her dance.

the lights dimmed and the national anthem played and the prayer of thanks was done in the form of a dance. from the start, i was impressed.

as i sit and watch number after number, something inside wanted to be heard. i miss the stage. i miss the crowd. i miss the butterflies in my stomach when dancing, singing, or simply being on stage. makes me wonder what could've been if i seriously pursued a career in any of the arts. i guess i figured the probability of me making it big is slim. my versatility has gotten the best of me that focusing on one is an impossibility.

07 January 2007


on monday, training will be officially over and i'll be on probation. with that, i was asked to bring in an nbi clearance and other requirements for HR. i asked our trainer if i could work on it friday morning and report in the office after lunch. our president overheard the conversation and told me i could have the day off.

my body is still adjusting to work. i'm so used to being part of the unemployed and not of the philippine workforce. it's no surprise that i took a couple more hours of sleep before getting my clearance.

during my first few years in college, i was a witness to the long lines of people wanting to get an nbi clearance. almost everyday i walk down the stairs of the LRT and be faced with an obstacle course of sorts with people getting in the way on my walk to padre faura. a couple of years later, the lines disappeared. the nbi moved its clearance system to a new building in carriedo, fully computerized and apparently fast. "apparently" being the keyword.