07 January 2007


on monday, training will be officially over and i'll be on probation. with that, i was asked to bring in an nbi clearance and other requirements for HR. i asked our trainer if i could work on it friday morning and report in the office after lunch. our president overheard the conversation and told me i could have the day off.

my body is still adjusting to work. i'm so used to being part of the unemployed and not of the philippine workforce. it's no surprise that i took a couple more hours of sleep before getting my clearance.

during my first few years in college, i was a witness to the long lines of people wanting to get an nbi clearance. almost everyday i walk down the stairs of the LRT and be faced with an obstacle course of sorts with people getting in the way on my walk to padre faura. a couple of years later, the lines disappeared. the nbi moved its clearance system to a new building in carriedo, fully computerized and apparently fast. "apparently" being the keyword.

with my sister tagging along, we went to carriedo. there was already a crowd but the lines were relatively short. a few minutes in, we realized that getting an nbi clearance was more than just a public service, it's more of a business enterprise.

the first line would be to get an entrance ticket for P20. you would ask why should there be an entrance fee for what should be public service. i assumed it was for the freak show inside. the next line would be for the processing fee of P115 for local employment. the only valid fee in the whole process. upon reaching the counter, i saw a sign that says "softdrinks and C2 for sale." i looked around and noticed that all the counters are with the same sign.

the following step was the freakshow. up the stairs we were confronted with 3-fold lines. we had no choice but to fall in. right away there was a guy going around selling nuts. then a few minutes later another guy was shouting "taho!" i didn't believe it until i saw the guy with the huge "taho" cans on his shoulders. there was also a woman going around selling cellphone loads. and after at least 40 minutes in line, we reached the counter with the same "softdrinks for sale" sign.

on to the next step. another counter with a business approach. instead of selling only softdrinks, this particular counter also sells cellphone loads and even online gaming cards. bravo!

done, done, on to the next one. we're now on the fingerprint section. and after getting your fingers on ink, they would sell a wet tissue for P2. my friends warned me about this so i already prepared my coins. but i was surprised when they collected P4 instead of P2. they even have a sign that says "wet tissue P2" and on the bottom of the sign was a note that says its not required but only for those who want it. but i assure you, you won't get your fingerprints done without sparing a few coins.

an hour and a half in and we're almost done. only 1 step to go. my sister passed her papers and got her clearance right away. unfortunately, i only got a stamp of "Jan 10 2007"

thanks nbi, you made my day! if only it's possible to report you to... well, yourself. i guess the rotten system will continue.

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Unsugarcoated Reviews said...

hmm thanks for posting this...i'm planning to get my nbi clearance too in the near future...i was used to seeing the long times near faura...but the "new and improved" system in carriedo seems more "interesting"...