25 February 2007

my gf

i read the book, i watched the tapes, i listened to the tales, still something's always wrong. step 1, check. step 2, check. everything's in place, everything's great. pass your papers. results are in. red marks and an encircled D. D for defeat...

i have always listened to the voice of reason. never once did i listen to the 2-horned red man who instructed me to take advantage of the feelings being thrown at me. i'll be the first to admit i'm not perfect, but that doesn't mean i'm not trying to be.

i've heard things like i'm not the sweetest guy around but i'm one of the kindest. thanks friends. but why do i feel like this does not have merit? time and time again trust simply just won't land on my hands. i do understand that it's not the easiest thing to ask from someone, but what else do i need to do? this is my greatest frustration...

23 February 2007

tangled in my blanket of clouds

is it me or am i in another roller coaster ride? this time i forgot to fasten my seatbelt. hanging on for dear heart, i'm looking forward to a level track. let me settle in my seat for a moment... maybe its the previous rides that made me more brave when in fact it should be the reason why i should proceed with caution.

so far this is still a one-way ticket. far away, so close. i've seen this line before. that line was dotted long ago, this line still has a promise...

12 February 2007

february stars

can't seem to find the words but i'll try...

there's a wall i can't get through. one day i felt like i already broke it down only to look up and see another one behind it. sometimes i feel like turning back, knowing there's someone just waiting for me to turn my head her way... but it's you i want, no one else.

i can try and hide all my feelings in all kinds of words but i know you know that this is all about you now. still your ears are closed, your eyes are shut, and your tongue is sly.

how was i to know you'd steal the show?