09 March 2007


just a few moments ago things are going great but a simple question changed the atmosphere. i was even thinking of a denial, but you know i can't lie to you. once again the indelible line is drawn. i did make the promise but i was caught-up in the moment. it was innocent, just the right combination of respect and affection.

it's the typical "how can it be wrong when it feels so right" scenario and i do understand where you're coming from. believe me i do. but i do hope you try and understand where i'm coming from...

so maybe i tried too hard, but it's all because of this desire... thanks john...

07 March 2007

in circles

mornings are so much brighter these days. i've never been happier to force myself to wake up so early in the morning just to eat. never thought breakfast could be such a joy.

as the darkness fills the sky, the anxiety builds up. i need to catch the first jeepney, need to catch the first train. the night is on borrowed time and we have to make the most out of it.

the real wednesday showed her face. a routine walk turned into something greater. going round in circles was one of the silliest but sweetest thing we did. you were asking me when did i realize i liked you. never mind that. i just realized one better.

ask me when i realized i was in love with you, the answer is "here and now."

it's not about you now, it's what we are...