24 October 2008


blog number two in two days. just means this is getting serious. why else would i write if not for the outburst of emotions in words or i need to share a joke or something. the silence of no laughter is deafening.
the stars tell our story. as i walked my ever popular thrift walk down the winding streets of rizal, i looked up and saw my fate. two bright stars shining amidst the vastly cloud-covered dark blue sky. the number hid the real picture. the sky painted the situation perfectly with the two stars lightyears from each other. one shone alone while the other shone with a reaching beam.
i’m choking in my own pride. must have swallowed too much of it. john’s at the back again, shouting “take my advice and give up tonight.” sadly, i’m not in a position to decide and even if i had to, i know what i won’t do. i hate quitters. it’s the reason why i’m still stuck with my do-it-all lame ass job. i need to prove to everyone and to myself that moving on is not always the answer. i need to hold on to something no matter how small. pathetic as it seems, i was built this way. one comment said it all, i sometimes give it all out that there’s nothing left for myself.
it takes two to tango. i’m responsible as well. my two lives can’t co-exist. one would always cause concerns to the other. i thought i figured it out or at least still had time to figure it out. time ran out and the words that should’ve come out from my mouth already came out from a sly mask. the words that should’ve graced my ears were already intercepted. game over. now its three. four even.
there’s only room for two. one you and one me.

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