23 November 2008


we were still fine back then. with nothing to do on a sunday afternoon, we channel surfed and stopped on PBO with the movie One More Chance. of course i was the first to say that this is a bad idea. what would i tell all my friends? but i was hooked. even though the plot was not in our nearest concern, it aroused a bit of curiosity in us. we even joked about the lines in the movie.

then tragedy came and next thing you know, i was in the very same situation. never knew the story had a chance with us. though not entirely similar, one can’t not see the resemblance. i was pre-occupied back then and the thought of the movie only flew around my head once.

that is, until a very lonely train ride home where everybody hurts. and couples showing their love even hurt more. there was this couple sharing a headset, watching a movie on their PSP. it was popoy and basha. the movie was haunting me.

so i decided to download it and watch the entirety myself. i’m now at an hour and twenty-three minutes and somehow i knew what i wanted all this time. i want my trisha. but unlike the ending, i want my trisha to be my last. there are only a handful of people who are willing to accept you for who you are, for what you’ve been through. people say that my next is unfortunate, coming into the shadow of my star. i beg to differ. my next would be the luckiest girl in the world for i would give her everything she ever wanted. i have learned that i can never change. i would still love whole-heartedly, regardless of the pain.

i’d still have to finish the movie but knowing how the story ends, i have to agree with derob on this one. it would be better if the happy ending would be at different ends. i’ll be over you soon, thanks.

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