21 November 2008

fast times, slow hearts

seven days ago i woke up in the coldness of the thin sheets and low temperatures. now i wake up in the coldness of being alone. how time flies but i’m not having fun. next thing you’ll know it’s already st. patrick’s day and i’m still in this slump.

last night i tried to relieve some of my emotional stress by having dinner with friends. but a bump on the road on one and an annoying decision by another, i was there waiting alone. a few minutes passed and i’m starting to think about her. and like a snowball rolling into an avalanche, the thoughts progressed and i was agitated. a few calls more and a few excuses later i got fed up and left. i can’t take the loneliness anymore, waiting for people that are either late or won’t even come at all.

what should’ve been a release of stress turned out to be another night on my bed. the night was predestined for me to savor the bitter taste of defeat. my heart is in slow motion going into it’s “i’m over you” phase. your heart on the other hand is in slow motion getting there. the sooner you get there, the sooner i’ll move on.

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