19 November 2008


with a few bottles and some awkward moments, i started to think again. bad influences of booze and worst was in the offering. am i missing that much? but the urge lasted for a mere 10 seconds. it wasn’t me. i don’t get my kick from the bad. i want to but i can’t. i wont be happy with it anyway. i lied my ass away to get away from it. next thing i knew i was looking for the sandman once again.

with Him on my side table, i started to calm down a bit. a few moments more and i was in a trance. we were having dinner, talking the night away. then suddenly there was this hunger of yours to see him. you got out of the building and jumped on the first jeepney you saw. it was still moving even but you didn’t mind. you’re dying to see him no matter what. i run after you to convince you to stop the madness but to no avail. when i realized that it was a lost cause, i started to wet my cheeks. you were there looking at me as if i’m having the time of my life. you never flinched. that’s when i woke up.

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