10 December 2008

number 1

it's been more than a month since the infamous break-up of you and me. feels like i haven't moved an inch as far as getting over you is concerned. the love for you inside me even seemed to grow, missing you every single minute of every single day.

i just came from a presentation to a client and now i'm back in the office doing absolutely nothing. this is bad. this is sad. instead of pushing pencils, i'm pushing myself over the edge thinking of ways how to get over you. i'm running out of options.

there's a burning faith inside of me. a faith you noticed when we started being one. my faith in you and me was so strong that for a time, even you believed it was real. you just had to test it, didn't you? my burning faith was unparalleled until you had this burning desire to risk it all and fall for another. my faith was nothing compared to your desire.

but the faith still remains. reading your previous letters, we were convinced that God is on our side. He still is. and this is the perfect stage for Him to show his glory, the perfect time to prove my faith in you and in us, the perfect way of showing you how much i really love you.

this is blog number 1.

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