11 December 2008

number 2

last night i went to the black christmas project, a reunion concert of wolfgang. i was never really a fan of wolfgang but am a fan of music. i was hesitant at first but i was thankful nonetheless that i got to experience the concert scene once again.

the concert helped a little since i was not able to think about her for at least 5 minutes. an achievement for a mind that thinks of her every single minute of the day. it was refreshing that i was able to free my mind of my worries for a bit. but it was only for 5 minutes. snap back to reality and i'm in despair again.

got home late and started thinking about her and it didn't seem to stop. i fell asleep then woke up holding back the tears as her absence constantly haunts me. even at times when my mind shouldn't be doing anything at all, she's there.

now i'm infront of my laptop, looking around all the busy people doing their tasks while i sit here, type away my miseries and expect a not so wonderful day ahead.

how i wish this is just a nightmare. how i wish she would just show up at my office and give me a sandwich made with love and joy. oh how i miss the good ol' days. how i wish i could bring them back. now i only have memories of her, of us. happy memories that would only lead to swelled up eyes knowing there's a good chance it may never happen again...

this is blog number 2.

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