16 December 2008

number 6

i drank the night away last night. a simple sms for a companion would always be an opportunity for me nowadays. apart from being a friend, i still need to talk my way out of my miseries.

in an instant i became the expert on the matters of the heart. throwing tips here and there, i helped a friend do the right thing. but what about me? did last night help? the only consolation i get from last night was that i instantly fell asleep upon my bed. but then again, i'm still haunted by her absence, i still woke up in the middle of the night, tears threatening to burst out, chest feeling deep.

i'm now back to my old dwelling place. old pictures, old videos, i can't let go of my past. "live in the now" i keep on telling myself but to no use. i want the love of my life back. all i need is just a little patience.

this is blog number 6.

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