06 December 2008


“there was a time that i wasn’t sure but you set my mind at ease”

there goes good ol’ john doing a cover of a guns n’ roses classic. right now i’m not sure and you’re not there to set my mind at ease…

you make yourself felt. and believe me i can feel you. my heart is again battling with my mind. the brain would start to tell myself that this is a lost cause and cutting my losses is the best alternative to this madness. my heart on the other hand is holding on to something, something far more greater than us.

i miss you right now. then i ask myself, when did i didn’t miss you. even if we were together i’d still miss you. there’s this longing for you that only a kiss from you can pacify. not a single minute did i not think of you. the only difference between now and then is that now, i know i don’t have you anymore. now i know that when i tell you that i’m already home, you wouldn’t care. if i ask you if you’re home safe, you wouldn’t give me an answer. even if you would, you would answer me in such a way that it would hurt more. why wouldn’t you be safe, you got your new boy making sure you got home safe.

i’m peterpan and i never want to grow up. but you’re wendy and this is just you teaching me how to be a man.

i love you.

you’re love for me is dying and will soon leave the earth. but in an instant, it can be revived and you hold the key to our love’s resurrection.

all i need is just a little patience…

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