05 January 2009


everybody's selling me and i love it. brings out the man-whore side of me. but seriously, it just goes to prove that i'm still marketable. and it's not like i'm being sold to your everyday girls next door. they're selling me to gems.

though it's too soon and i might be the one to get hurt in the end, it's still worth the time. yes i'm broken but a broken me is still better than the typical, which says a lot about me. that's a good sign.

1-5 is when my life began. the point when you came into my life. with your bubbly character and accomodating smile, i always knew we were meant for something great. and it was. there i go again with my harsh truthful past tense. the "it is" and the "it will be" will just have to wait. so this should be the perfect day to have a restart right? i really don't have a clue. but i guess it's that time once again to play my time against my troubles.

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