10 January 2009

number 12

it's a new day and a renewed depression. great. why do i need to give it a click? why can't i control my curiosity? ignorance is bliss. what i saw was painful. in a blink of an eye she found an upgrade. in a blink of an eye i lost my world.

why can't this hope go away? it haunts me still, every single night. i got my regular dose of 4 sleep interruptions last night. when will this end? when will i decide to go to the point of no return? too many questions, not a single one answered. take away all the pain, it's killing me. how much for a shrink?

i'll never be the same again. thanks to a heartless piglet. i was alright on my own, until i met her. i was comfortable with my solitude, i always knew there's someone waiting for me around the bend. anyone there left?

somebody save me.

this is blog number 12.

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