11 January 2009

number 13

i played ball last night. or better yet, i played ball badly last night. my head is not in the game. yet. at least i get to have a few laps and tell myself i had an exercise.

i left my wallet last night, even thought i left my phones. but my lack of cash didn't stop the boys from taking in the prescribed everyday dose of alcohol and it was great. a warm-up to our beer bash tonight.

i just had a great sunday lunch at home. so after eating i went straight to my room and had myself a nap. and in my dream i saw them, and i confronted them and kicked the guy's ass. it felt great. if only i could find a way to make it a reality.

after a few minutes of collecting my thoughts, i wondered. where am i? i recall a few words last night telling me "grow a freakin' horn ron, time to be bad." let's wait and see.

this is blog number 13.

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